Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica

March 27, 2020

Jamaica is a mood. We felt it as soon as we touched down in Kingston to a full moon reflection on the water. Driving from the airport we watched the scene go from industrial to residential to commercial.

Kingston is not what you see in tourist commercials for the island. It’s a city. This is not a bad thing. It’s just different. It’s also home to the Bob Marley Museum, the reason we were there.

But first, our hotel to sleep. Marriott’s AC Hotel greeted us with a modern design, chic lobby and new hotel smell. There were a few guests hanging out at the bar and lounging in the seating areas. I made a note to do that before we checked out.

The next morning we visited the Bob Marley museum.

I can’t do this experience justice in words – I can only say “GO!”. It feels like a haven.


To walk the steps where he sat, the yard where he played soccer, the music studio, the memorabilia, everything.

It was a beautiful spiritual experience. Visitors are not allowed to take photos inside of the home, but the exterior has plenty of cool backdrops.

After our day out we returned to our hotel to relax. We chose poolside as our lounging place.

The next morning we left for Montego Bay via a Knutsford Express bus. It was a comfortable way to travel between Kingston and Montego Bay. Once in Montego Bay we took a taxi to Secrets Wild Orchid.

The room was gorgeous with a lovely view.

We arrived early enough to do an excursion, so we chose Lethe estate bamboo rafting. There are other bamboo rafting options in Jamaica, but our hotel concierge recommended this one. She was right. The guides here made the experience fun.

Jamaica Bamboo Rafting Couple Lethe Estate Excursion

We had a blast! We laughed, took dips in the river, had drinks, enjoyed the scenery and laughed some more. By the time we made it back to the starting point we were ready to enjoy the night at our resort.

The next day we hired a driver and went to Blue Hole. It’s about an hour and a half from Montego Bay, but absolutely worth the drive.

We hiked hills and jumped into electric blue natural pools. The last pool you get to swing into, :-).

We stopped at Sharkie’s for dinner. Here is my food review, complete with photos.

Other things we did:

The vibe of Jamaica is worth the visit. Whether you want to lay by the ocean, swim, party, be adventurous and/or eat great food, Jamaica gives you all of it.

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