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Shopping for a holiday gift that works for almost anyone can be difficult,especially if you want to be less than $30. Here are some gift ideas that can work for the Christmas holiday season, Staff or Teacher Appreciation Days or “Just Because.” And yes, some of these can work for a man or woman.


Stationery. Beautiful stationery never gets old and you can never have too much. I love the designs at effie’s paper. Just check out this thank you note!

container store tea spoon infuser

Container Store’s TeaSpoon Tea Infuser. This is a fabulous gift for a tea lover. If you want to add something to this, you can always pick up a variety pack of loose teas, but trust me, it’s not necessary. Just the idea of being able to easily have a cup of tea wherever you are is perfect.


Crazy About Cookies cards. My kids sell these from time to time as a school fundraiser and I love the ease of it. You get a card to redeem at any time for a tub of cookie dough. And the dough is GOOD!


This Zulu water bottle is one of my favorite things! I use it every day and love that a) it’s glass, but I’ve dropped it and it didn’t break, b) there’s something special about drinking out of glass and c) it’s colorful and easy to grip. Did I say this was one of my favorite things?!


Yoobi supplies. I love gifts that are cute and that benefit more than the recipient. When you purchase a Yoobi product they donate to classrooms in need. Just check out these erasers and this highlighter. LOVE THEM! The also have other supplies.

gift idea_automatic wine opener

Brookstone Automatic Wine Opener.  Yes, no more hunting for or fighting with the wine opener!

holiday gift idea

Grab and Go Coasters . These are colorful and since they cling to the cup there are no worries about water stains if you move your glass.


4-Port USB Travel Charger. I can’t tell you how beneficial this will be for anyone with electronic devices, especially a traveler. Being able to have a central location for charging is almost priceless.


Heart of Haiti White Soapstone Scalloped Soap Dish. Macy’s has a great section on their site titled “Gifts that Give Hope.”  Everything here benefits amazing causes like HEART of HAITI, FEED and more. I’ve written about HEART of HAITI before, and I am still in love with the beauty of these products and others listed here. This is truly a great place to find items that anyone will love. This soap dish is just one example and it can be used as a soap dish, or a catch-all for keys, coins, etc.


Chalk conversation mug. Cute and customizable. Yep, it’s a win-win.


This happy mug from Pier 1 is great for drinking or to use as a candy dish.


Braden coasters from Pier 1. This is a great gender-neutral gift.

Throw blankets. Target has a number of throw blankets that can work for any gender or style. I love this chevron design.

L.L. Bean’s Hidden Security Waist Wallet. I just can’t make myself wear a fanny pack, but I LOVE this! You wear it under your clothes and it’s big enough to hold I.D., cash or a hotel room key.

Selfie snap remote.  This remote lets you take pictures of yourself from up to 10 feet away, eliminating the awkward-arm stretch of trying to get the perfect shot.

Happy Holidays!!!