Three elementary school kids with homework, papers to sign and daily updates can be overwhelming.

To manage, I created an afterschool/evening routine for checking homework, getting dinner on the table and giving each of my girls a little quality time, too.

Not only does it work, my girls look forward to it!

My Working Mom Evening Routine

Once home, my kids are responsible for putting their things away (backpacks, coats, etc.), washing their hands and getting a small snack. I start dinner.

After snack, they are to either finish homework or organize their things for our one-on-one meetings.

Once dinner is cooking, meetings start. One-on-one meetings are as they sound. Each child gets my undivided attention, typically for 5-15 minutes, depending on their needs that day. The others can’t interrupt and this prevents me from mixing up their homework, agendas and permission slips… which may or may not have happened before.

During one-on-one I check homework, read and sign any teacher notes/permission slips/agendas and then they share freely about their day. It’s not a lot of time, and you’d be surprised how good they feel to have a few minutes of my attention to just chat, especially without having to talk around their siblings.

I get to hear what they loved about their day, who they played with at recess, if they had special treats because of a classmate’s birthday, and more. Bonus point, I’m hoping as they get older this habit will make it easier for them to keep talking to me about their world.

Once I’ve done this for each child, it’s typically dinner time.

I hope this helps you with your evenings!