New Orleans: Adding Fun To Your Work Travel Itinerary

November 8, 2014


Traveling for work can leave very little time to enjoy the city you’re visiting. If you are able to get a few hours that don’t include a conference room or business meeting, the last thing you want to do is spend time trying to figure out things to do.

Here’s an itinerary you can use for New Orleans:

It can work for a few extra hours or a full day if you’re lucky enough to add a day of leisure to your trip.

cakecafeneworleansplacestoeat_reviewStart by taking a taxi to Cake Café and Bakeryfor lunch. The café is located in a quaint neighborhood near the French Quarter, and has a laid-back familiar feel. If the weather is good, I suggest sitting outside. I also suggest the shrimp and grits, because it was DIVINE!

new orleans shrimp grits reviewAfter lunch walk to the French Market.

new orleans french marketIt’s less than 15 minutes and you’ll get to see a little of Frenchman Street on your way to Decatur.

At the French Market you’ll find a flea market perfect for picking up souvenirs and bayou-inspired food.


I had to take a picture of this sign, because it was my first time seeing sautéed rabbit on a menu.

neworleansfrenchmarketrestaurantmenuAnd no, I didn’t try it. I just couldn’t get myself to be that adventurous.

At the end of the market you’ll find Café DuMonde.

cafedumondeneworleansThey are famous for beignets and I understand why many consider a trip to New Orleans incomplete without stopping here. Trust me, you must stop. And if you’re still full from lunch get an order to-go. Just look at these beignets and the powdered sugar!

cafedumondebeignetsneworleansreviewFrom here you can walk through Jackson Squareon your way to Bourbon Street. Around Jackson Square you’ll find lots of artists on the street selling their work and performing. You can also get carriage rides here and buy tickets for other entertainment.

And last, but not least is Bourbon Street. This is definitely party central. With so many bars, pubs, restaurants and entertainment venues there is something for everyone… over 21. After Bourbon Street you’ll probably need a cab back to your room or the airport, :-).

Enjoy New Orleans!

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