Moroccan Travel: Goats Can Climb Trees

November 20, 2018


Visit Morocco in June and you just might see goats climbing trees. Yes goats… chillin’… in a tree.

This is an argan tree (yep, like the oil) and goats like the fruit and leaves of the tree. So, in true animal fashion, they climb the tree to get it! I must say, I love their ability to go after what they want.

If you look closely you’ll see a farmer near the tree. Argan fruit ripens in June and July and goats eat the fruit, but they can’t digest the nut in the middle, and the nut is used to make oil. So, once the nut has passed through their digestive system, the shell is easier to crack and farmers collect the nuts to produce argan oil.

Don’t worry, this is one way to get the nut, but there are other ways, too. Women cooperatives in the region also harvest the nut and produce the oils. I visited one of these coops and will post more on my experience there soon.

As for my goat surprise, two things have happened. One, I now think about the goats any time I use a beauty or haircare product with argan oil and two, I love that I saw this in person, :-).

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