Your professional bio is a clear and truthful representation of who you are, what you’ve done and the value you provide – both professionally and personally.

Here are three things to remember when writing or reviewing your bio.

Your bio should highlight your personality and achievements. Write in a conversational tone. Think of it this way. When someone reads your bio it should reflect who you would be if they met you in person.

Key accomplishments and accolades are front and center. Include work and volunteer experience, along with education that’s relevant. Include the things that you would talk about if you had to toot your own horn.

Be brief. I know, it is very tempting to include everything you’ve done since childhood. But, the average length for a long bio is less than 500 words (no more than a page). Use these words wisely and focus on the highlights. If you insist on listing everything you’ve done, link to your resume.

Bonus point!

Your bio is not a resume. Your bio is a summary, written in a personable tone. Feel free to use your resume as a reminder of what you’ve accomplished, but everything in your resume is not bio worthy.

Good luck with your bio and if you’d like help writing it, I’d love to talk more.