One of the ways I stay Fabulous Mommy is my reward bin. This bin has won me many “Mommy, you’re the greatest ever” squeals, and it doesn’t cost a lot.

Princess Tiana Jewelry Box from Toys ‘R Us

I hide the bin in my closet and it is full of cutesy things I buy for the girls to reward them for a job well done, for being nice to each other, and just for being themselves. I make sure to use it randomly, so they don’t always think they are going to get a gift because they gave their sister a hug or they picked up all of their toys.

I fill the bin with things I buy extremely cheap, but that will make them smile. Right now the bin has a couple of pom poms, bracelets, sunglasses, necklaces, rings, and a few travel toys.

If you would like to start your own bin, here are a few of my favorite places for shopping:

  • Claire’s—The 10 for $10 section is perfect for sparkly and shiny, exactly what they love.
  • Target – The $1 section is good, but if you wait until they mark it down 30% or 50% you can really stock up.
  • Wal-Mart – The DVD section is great here. I have gotten great kid DVDs for $2 and $5.
  • Also, look in children stores like The Children’s Place and Justice for Girls.

Happy Shopping! And if you see other places I should add to my list, please share.