fruit sangria tea loose leafThis fruit sangria tea by Adagio is officially on my “life’s simple pleasures” list. I picked it up during a stroll through Fresh Market one evening, when all I thought I needed was trail mix, gelato and grapes.

But isn’t that how it works? You walk in with a short list and before you know it your cart is full of needs, wants and stuff that looks just too good to pass up. Fruit sangria tea definitely falls under wants and “stuff too good to pass.”

Just think about this. It’s a loose leaf tea mix with rose hips, apples, hibiscus, orange peels and more. How can that mix not be a happy potion?!

I sweeten mine a little with honey, but if you don’t have a wicked sweet tooth, skip it. Either way, if you love sangria and good tea, try this.

Now, I’m off to enjoy my tea, :-).