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Administrative Professionals Day Gift Ideas


Administrative Professionals Day is April 22nd this year, and gifts are a great way to show yours just how much you appreciate their hard work all year.

This list includes gift options that are gender-neutral, as well as some based on personal interests and hobbies.

A couple of things to keep in mind as you look for a gift:

  • Stay away from items that can be seen as too personal. For instance, hygiene and beauty products (body lotions, creams, perfumes, etc.) can send the wrong message and be awkward.
  • Consider their lifestyle. While one admin may love a gift card to an Italian restaurant, one counting carbs may not.

Female and Male Administrative Professionals Gift Ideas:


AdminProGiftCardIdeaAmerican Express Gift Card. One of the best gifts I received as an admin was a gift card. Because I wasn’t limited to one store, I was able to get exactly what I wanted. I was at Banana Republic the next day buying slacks for work, :-). This was my first real job out of college, so trust me, BR slacks were a splurge.

Plus, there was enough left for dinner and dessert.

AdminProfessionalGiftIdeaTicketmasterCardTicketmaster gift card. Gifting an experience is one of the best things you can do and a Ticketmaster gift card means you don’t have to worry about choosing the right concert or sporting event. If you choose this option, consider an amount that pays for a pair of tickets.

If you don’t want to splurge for Ticketmaster, a Fandango card for movies  or a gift card to a fabulous local restaurant works, too. If you do movie tickets, include enough for snacks.

ScandalWineGlassfromCrateBarrelScandal Wine Glasses. Okay, so their real name is Camille and you can buy them at Crate and Barrel. If your admin is a Gladiator and can’t wait for Thursday night, aka Scandal night, they will love having the same glass as Olivia Pope.

Even better, add some gourmet popcorn and they will be set for the night.

money clip flash driveFlash drive money clip. A money clip that doubles as a flash drive?! Yes, please.

Cross pen and pencil set for giftCross pen and pencil set. This pen and pencil set is fabulous, practical and definitely makes a statement. It’s perfect for anyone that loves a good writing tool.

Tea brewer gift for tea loverTea brewer. This tea brewer is perfect for a tea lover. It’ll make it easy for them to have a fabulous cup of tea at work or at home. You can also add a gift card to a local tea shop and let them pick out tea leaves.

These are just a few ideas, but there’s a lot more on my Admin Professionals Gift Pinterest  board!

Check it out and I hope this helps you choose a great gift for your admin.


Fathers Day Gift Ideas He Will Love (and actually use!)

Fathers Day Gift Ideas He Will LoveUPDATED Father’s Day Gift Ideas – May 2016

Finding Fathers Day gifts that the men in my life will not only like, but actually use was a struggle until I started focusing on what they love.

Now, I’m pretty successful in the gift-giving department.

Here are a couple ideas to get you thinking…

Fathers Day Gift For Movie Lover

If your father or the man in your life loves movies, Leonard Maltin’s 2015 Movie Guide is an AWESOME gift! Many consider it the best collection of reviews and movie information printed. It is updated periodically, never goes out of style and years from now he will still be using it as a reference.

To personalize this even more, consider finding three of the movies on Netflix and having them queued for his afternoon. Give him popcorn and he’ll be in heaven!


For a sports lover,  experiences are at the top of the list, so tickets to a game would go over VERY well. You can do anything from NFL tickets to your local AAA baseball team. Remember, it is the experience that makes this a great gift.

As an add-on, consider a gift certificate to his favorite sports bar.

If tickets are not an option, the gift certificate alone would make your sports fan very happy. In this case you can add a jersey or t-shirt of their favorite team. They can wear it to the bar, :-).

No matter what you choose as a gift, think about the things your special man enjoys and let that be your guide. The best gifts are not necessarily something needed, but something that shows you considered their personality. Most people just want to know they are appreciated and remembered, on holidays and every day in between.

If you have other suggestions, please share. I’d love to know what you gave that worked out well.

Thanks for sharing and enjoy your Father’s Day!

National Boss Day Gift Ideas

National Bosses Day 2016

Tips For Buying A Gift For Your Boss

National Boss Day is tomorrow! If that sentence makes you panic don’t worry, here’s a quick cheat sheet for you.

First of all, most bosses don’t expect anything so a “Happy Bosses Day! Thank you for being great.” will cover most situations.

If you do want to buy something, here are some ideas and guidelines for National Bosses Day gifts .

Please note that you are not expected to buy something expensive; this holiday is really about being thoughtful.

And lastly, ecards are great. Hallmark has some great National Bosses Day cards on their site.

Now relax and enjoy your day, because the other thing great for a boss is a productive employee, :-).

Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed Cheat Sheet

One of the most popular Mother’s Day events is serving Mom breakfast in bed.

Here are three tips to make your breakfast as unique and special as the woman you are honoring.

Have the family present breakfast on a platter or breakfast tray and choose dishes that she will love to use throughout the year. You can make these part of the gift and the pieces will serve as a reminder of her fabulous day.

I’ve chosen some fabulous platters, trays, mugs, glasses and plates on Pinterest for inspiration.

Serve her favorite breakfast items. This one seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at the number of moms that get served their family’s favorite, not theirs. If she loves chocolate croissants Trader Joe’s has ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ones that are so simple to make and did I say they are fabulous?!

Plus it’s okay to choose a couple of indulgent items, it’s a holiday!

Allow her time to enjoy breakfast without interruption. Even better, let her choose when she will get up and enjoy the rest of the day.

Now For Your Cheat Sheet, Here’s Your Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed Checklist:

  • Serving tray or platter
  • Mug for coffee/tea
  • Glass for juice/water
  • Plate/fork/knife
  • Cloth napkin
  • Single stem flower (roses and lilies work well)
  • Shopping list for breakfast (don’t forget condiments). Here are some breakfast menu ideas.


My Favorite Mother’s Day Gift

I absolutely LOVE lilies, especially callas!

I get the same gift every year and I LOVE it! It’s not because my family is lazy and haven’t put any thought into it. In fact, they don’t even know it’s my gift. Well, they didn’t know until now, because I’m assuming Hubby will read this and my secret will be found out, ;-).

My favorite gift on Mother’s Day is the excitement and pure joy on the faces of my girls as they are giving me my gifts. To see them so happy to do something nice for me is priceless. And of course the follow-up hugs and kisses don’t hurt…

They can barely hold it together while I open my gift and they can’t wait to start explaining to me what it is, when they picked it out (or made it) and how I am supposed to use it.

I now understand why the card I made my mom in 3rd Grade stayed on her wall until I was in college. It really is the sentimental value.

On Sunday, I know I won’t be disappointed with my gift. Because not only does Hubby and the girls pick out pretty nice gifts, I have the most fabulous little princesses to deliver it to me.

What do you love about Mother’s Day?

Girlfriends Party With A Purpose

When the opportunity to host a Johnson’s Girl Talk Cause Party was presented, I jumped on it because I wanted to host a girlfriend “gift-together” and I knew this would be a great opportunity to talk about Birthday Blessings (BB), one of the most amazing nonprofit organizations ever.

Their mission includes celebrating, inspiring and supporting homeless children, and one way they do this is by throwing birthday parties. Before I learned of Birthday Blessings I never thought of a child not celebrating their birthday.

The thought of that breaks my heart because birthdays are such a huge deal in my house. My girls look forward to their birthdays like most kids look forward to Christmas.

It’s a day all about them, when they don’t have to share the spotlight with siblings, classmates or family. It’s the day we can celebrate them joining our family and the unique joy they have added to our lives.

Then I think about how hard being a a tween or teen girl can be, and add to that the issues that arise from being homeless. These children absolutely need the chance to celebrate their life, to know that they are not forgotten and that their life is priceless.

So, yes, I was very happy to do this! Plus, a girlfriend gift-together, or purpose party, is a pretty simple one to host. I cooked dinner, invited my girlfriends and asked them to bring gifts for a tween and/or teenage girl that was homeless.

As we ate I talked about Birthday Blessings and why I wanted to support them. I set a small table in the living room with additional information on BB and ways that they could volunteer if they were interested.

I also put bottles of Johnson’s baby oil on the table so that they could try them as they read the other information (a nice perk for guests). This worked well because it served as a conversation corner for the ladies to try the products and talk about BB.

It was also a reminder of why we got together when the conversation went on to other topics like life, reality TV and recipes. After all, it was a girlfriend party… lol.

As the party came to a close, each of my guests had the chance to take some of the Johnson’s products with them (they were VERY happy!) and we were all pleased that the donation table was overflowing.

We collected over 125 gifts, ranging from lip gloss and shower gels to hair accessories, journals and stationery sets. I know the girls that get them will be ECSTATIC!

p.s. While my party was to collect for teen/tween girls BB collects for all children. One of their other programs is Blessing Baskets, where they make baskets for newborn homeless children. I will be donating bottles of Johnson’s baby oil for this purpose.