How To Get Ready For Back To School

BackToSchoolPlanningSummer is great downtime. The kids get to sleep a little later, learning is more about life experiences instead of worksheets and class lessons, and I don’t have to spend time at night packing lunches or ironing outfits.

There are late dinners, trips to the pool and summer games.

I think about this as I start preparing for back to school time. I could be sad, but that won’t change the fact that school starts next week, my kids are excited about it, and the best way to set them up for a successful school year is to send them prepared.

Plus, the structure of a school day is good for all of us.

I do look forward to them sharing their school day experiences and then asking about my day at work. I look forward to reasonable bedtimes. And most of all, I love that they will learn about all types of things every day and make friends that they can have throughout life.

Now, for planning. Here is a back-to-school planning newsletter I created to help with many aspects of getting ready. It includes really great resources like checklists, lunch ideas and time management information.

I hope this makes your preparations a little easier.