consider me your communications expert

You’ve built a business. Let a Branding and PR professional help tell your story to the world.


You know social media, branding and public relations is important for your business, but you don’t have time to manage it.

You want an experienced professional to help your business, but you don’t want to hire a full-time employee.

The idea of content management, producing videos, tweeting and posting to Facebook/Instagram is overwhelming.

What if you could...

Meet with your corporate communications executive once a month and then know your PR, branding and consulting is handled.

Here's what I offer

  • Public Relations and Branding audit. I'll review your online presence, printed materials, videos, and other communication pieces.  We will have a consultation call to get to know each other and to talk about your goals. Then I'll map out a plan to move forward.
  • Creation and implementation of communications plan. The plan is based on research and strategy. It is customized to your business goals and needs. No fluff. 
  • Copywriting. This includes website, brochure, sales sheet copy, trade press articles, and more.
  • Social media management. Don't worry about figuring out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and whatever the new site is today. That's my job. We'll choose the best tools for you and I'll manage it.
  • Content management. Whether it's blog posts, social media posts or videos, I'll manage the process.

ready to let a pro help you?

Hi, I'm towanda!

I’ve spent two decades in public relations, branding and corporate communications for global brands, private businesses and executives.  

I have been fortunate to work on household names like Procter & Gamble and Philip Morris (now Altria), along with manufacturing companies, construction, and an accounting firm.

I understand the power of PR, the importance of branding and the value of storytelling. Most importantly, I know how to use these skills to help your business.



  • The idea of doing-it-yourself is overwhelming.
  • You want a professional to handle the details so you can spend your time doing something else.
  • You understand the importance of a professional online presence and the value of an experienced branding and PR pro in your corner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost? Prices start at $1000. Yes, I know. How great will it be for your company to have an experienced, accredited professional for such reasonable rates?

Why you?
I love helping businesses. But it’s really not about me. It’s about you and your business. I’ve streamlined this process to maximize your time and to give you the best product I can.

What do we need to start? We’ll have a brief call to discuss your needs. If we’re a good fit  I’ll send you an invoice for the deposit and off we’ll go.


get the branding and pr help your BUSINESS deserves

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