Mom of Girls logoI am so excited about my latest site, Mom of Girls!

Here’s a brief excerpt from the about page to give you a glimpse into the awesomeness that will be here, 🙂

“As a mom of three girls my goal is to raise awesome daughters that are smart, confident, happy, socially-conscious, spiritually-aware, healthy and beautiful. I want them to know they are loved, worth the best, and have endless options. They are not defined by a society that will try to stereotype them, limit them and make them feel that they are never enough.

On this site I will share resources that I find to help with this mission. You’ll find helpful tips and, in the near future, interviews with various experts like pediatricians, psychologists, health professionals and other moms. I’ll also share some of the things we do to encourage mommy-daughter bonding, fun projects and more.”

What this means is that will be more about work/life balance, travel and generally things that I enjoy. Most of my parenting-related content will live on Mom of Girls.

Thanks so much for your support so far, and I hope you continue to find value in both sites.