Electric Slidin’ at My Family’s ’70s Party_worklifebalance

When I picture myself juggling I see a disaster. There are balls all over the floor. Then I’m on the floor because I slipped on a couple trying to pick the others up.

There are kids crying in the background because I messed up the show and when I finally pull it together I’m sore. And exhausted. And the kids are still waiting for a show, :-/.

So, NO, I don’t think my life as a working mother is a juggle. Juggling is not fun to me.

Aside from the horrific picture above, I have an issue because most jugglers work alone. I do not.  A circle of support is necessary to my life.

There is no way I would be able to do what I enjoy without my family, friends, childcare providers and an entire village of supporters giving me advice and help on a daily basis.

More importantly, I need room to relax and make mistakes. With juggling there is always too much in the air and if a task is not handled at just the right time in just the right way, everything comes crashing down. This means there is no room for me to be too tired to cook, no room for me to say no because I prefer to sleep on Sunday, no room for me to be… me.

That’s a whole lot of pressure to do everything perfectly… if perfectly even exists.

I have this life because of my choices. I understand this and I enjoy it. It’s how this working mom has achieved work and life balance.

I love being Towanda – wife, mother, family, girlfriend and professional. Referring to my life as a juggle doesn’t say I appreciate it, it says I am struggling to manage it.

And while it’s not always easy, I am very blessed. So I call my life a DANCE! Dancing is fun; it makes me smile. Dancing is a much better picture of a good life, and that’s the life I want to show my children and the life that I want to experience with my family, friends and colleagues.

So, who’s in the mood for a little two-stepping? 🙂