HowToRemoveNailPolishFromCarpetHow To Remove Nail Polish From Carpet

If you happen to spill dark nail polish across your light carpet… on your way to the office… you may want to cry. That would be bad. First of all, tears won’t remove the stain. Secondly, you’ll just be wasting time and your kids may wonder why you’re having a meltdown.

Instead, grab some glass cleaner. I know, instincts say to try nail polish remover, but that will make it worse. With window cleaner and a brush you can have the polish cleaned up in about 20 minutes.

The top picture is the nail polish I spilled on the carpet, along with the glass cleaner and brush I used to clean it.

This picture is what the stain looked like after ten minutes of scrubbing. I alternated scrubbing by using a circular motion for two minutes, then scrubbing up and down for two minutes. I’m not sure if this was necessary or not, but it seemed to work better than using one or the other.

This picture is what the carpet looked like after scrubbing and right before vacuuming.

So, yes it works! Even better, this works even if you don’t clean it right away. I sprayed the stain this morning, but I didn’t actually scrub it until this evening.

A few more pointers for removing nail polish out of your carpet:

  • Treat the stain with window cleaner and then let it sit for a few minutes. Then spray it again before you start scrubbing so it will be wet.
  • After scrubbing for a few minutes, you may need to spray more cleaner on the stain. It took me 9 rounds of spraying/scrubbing for the stain to be completely gone.
  • After the fifth round I wiped the area with a clean cloth to see how much of the stain was left. I used the cloth again at the end to clean the area before I vacuumed.
  • When polishing your nails, make sure you put the top back on the bottle tightly. Then this whole thing can be avoided, :-).