workingmotheradviceforcopingEarlier this month PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Nooyi talked about working moms having it all (or not).

In the article she detailed a couple of her coping mechanisms, like training family and workers to help out.

I’m a huge advocate of building a support network, and here are a few other things that work for me.

Discuss schedules, needs, special projects and more as a family. My girls are understanding and even offer help when they feel like part of the process. So, we talk about their special projects and events just like I talk about my schedule, especially if I’m going to be late a few nights or there is something special at work.

This helps them understand the importance of what I do in relation to things that are important to them.

Choose school events with big impact. I can’t have lunch with my girls every week or volunteer regularly in the classroom. But, I can volunteer for class parties and some field trips. I also surprise them for lunch a couple of times and I take cupcakes for their birthday.

Use the element of surprise. I surprise them with playdates, day trips, treats for random holidays and more. These surprises encourage quality time, and create memories that they’ll have forever. We may not spend all day together, but when we are together, we are together.

So tell me, what are some of your coping techniques?