Fruit Sangria Tea! Yes, Please…

fruit sangria tea loose leafThis fruit sangria tea by Adagio is officially on my “life’s simple pleasures” list. I picked it up during a stroll through Fresh Market one evening, when all I thought I needed was trail mix, gelato and grapes.

But isn’t that how it works? You walk in with a short list and before you know it your cart is full of needs, wants and stuff that looks just too good to pass up. Fruit sangria tea definitely falls under wants and “stuff too good to pass.”

Just think about this. It’s a loose leaf tea mix with rose hips, apples, hibiscus, orange peels and more. How can that mix not be a happy potion?!

I sweeten mine a little with honey, but if you don’t have a wicked sweet tooth, skip it. Either way, if you love sangria and good tea, try this.

Now, I’m off to enjoy my tea, :-).

August Holidays and Celebrations

AugustHolidaysandReasonstoCelebrateHappy August, aka Last Full Month of Summer!

As you start to get ready for Fall, Back to School and other things, don’t let this month slip by without some celebrations. Here’s a list of holidays and events to inspire you, :-).

August is:

Family Fun Month

Golf Month


2nd       Friendship Day and National Sister Day

7th        International Beer Day

9th        Book Lovers Day

10th      National Smores Day

12th      International Youth Day

13th      International Lefthanders Day

15th      National Relaxation Day and Corn on the Cob Day

18th      National Soft Ice Cream Day

19th      Snuffleupagus Birthday (The Sesame Street fan in me LOVES this!)

20th     National Lemonade Day

21st      National Senior Citizens Day

25th      National Banana Split Day

26th      National Dog Day

30th      International Bacon Day

31st       Eat Outside Day

Bonus: Looking for other ways to enjoy this month? Here’s my list of ways to enjoy August!

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Review

dawnofplanetofapesparentreviewAfter a screening of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes I get why the reviews are great. From the acting to the sets to the special effects and the storyline, it’s all stellar!

The apes MAKE this movie, no question. The storyline and special effects are done so well you believe the apes as they work through friendships, betrayal, decision-making and more. You root for the humans and apes to get along, even though you know it can’t end that way.

Whether it’s an emotional tug or an action war scene, I couldn’t help but feel attached to Caesar and his loyal apes. I left the movie thinking “Hail Caesar!” and that says something.

p.s. Andy Serkis IS Caesar! He was simply amazing.

Now for my review as a parent. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is rated PG-13, and that’s because of the fighting scenes. If your kids are scared of gun fights and war scenes, this may be a little too much for them. However, lessons in the film about negotiation, trust and general relationship-building can be good discussion topics after the movie.

If you can, see it in 3D! I usually get nauseous in 3D movies, but this is done so well I felt fine. And if you see it in 3D you will get a good feel for just how awesome the special effects have been done – just enough, but not overdoing it. It adds to the storytelling, which is what 3D should do.

Here’s the site if you want more info about Dawn of Apes. Go see it July 11th weekend and I’d love to know what you think.

Choosing A Doctor You Like

Today I had a doctor’s appointment that made my day. You’d think I got some great test results or that a problem had been resolved.

That’s not what made me happy. I was happy because I finally found a primary care physician that I like!

This may not be important to some, but it is absolutely necessary for me. I need a group of advisers that make me feel comfortable sharing concerns and asking questions.

For instance, I LOVE my Ob-Gyn! When we see each other its like seeing an old friend. It’s the same with my dentist.

Unfortunately it was difficult for me to find a primary doctor to connect with like this. Until today.

Today reminded me of the power in being great at what you do, being likable AND making connections. When I’m dealing with people that I like I’m more likely to come back. This is true of the classes I take at the gym, the extra projects I’m willing to take on and the stores I shop frequently.

If people connect with you and your service is awesome you will have much more than a client, customer or friend. You will have a meaningful connection and an advocate. And both are extremely powerful.

FELA! Stops In Charlotte, Here’s My Review

Words can’t describe how happy I was to have FELA! stop in Charlotte.

Here is my review. If FELA! ever comes to your area, SEE IT.

Adesola Osakalumi does a fantastic job as Fela and Michelle Williams added a nice dimension to the cast as Sandra. The music, acting, dancing, costumes, storytelling… everything was phenomenal.

We went for a date night and Hubby is not a fan of musicals, but he absolutely loved it.

This show does many things right, but here is one of the standout points. FELA! is a time machine that immediately draws the audience in to the life of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

I felt like I was at Fela’s Shrine. The audience laughed, cried and danced. Now, how many times have you seen the audience of a Broadway show get up and dance?!

Yes, it is that good.



Tips for Shopping and Buying on Craig’s List

One of my guilty pleasures is shopping on Craig’s List. While I love shopping in malls, boutiques, etc. there is nothing like perfecting my art of bargain hunting.

In the spirit of sharing, here is some advice for sellers and buyers.


  •  If you are looking for home items, search the last two weeks of the month. This is when most people are moving and you get the best deals.
  •  Test any electronics before money is exchanged. Get all warranty paperwork if available, even if it is expired. There is other information on there that you can use for repairs if needed later.
  •  When picking up an item, try to meet at a neutral location. If that is not possible, here’s a safety tip. Call a friend and have them on the phone during the transaction. With a headset this is not intrusive, but if anything goes wrong they can quickly call 911.
  •  Craigslist is a great place for baby/children items. And if you need more than one thing, inquire from the person selling. Normally they are selling items because their children have outgrown them. This means they usually have more than one thing to sell.


  • Prove it to me. This is especially true for the phrases “Almost new” and “bought a few months ago”. In your ad tell me that you have the receipt as proof. Those ads get a call back first because there is proof to back up the statement.
  • ALWAYS  post a picture, a real picture. Please do not Photoshop!
  •  Use descriptive words. Tell me the style of the item, any special features, why you’re selling. Help me connect to the product.
  •  List your location in the ad. Let me know where you are located. Are you in a certain community, on a certain side of town, off a major highway, etc? This will limit the number of people contacting you that are not willing to travel for pick up.
  •  Avoid cutesy names. Use the name that most people will put in a search. And if there are two names (i.e. sofa and couch) use both in your post.
  •  Unless you are selling something EXTREMELY cheap, I mean almost free, clean up the area before taking a picture. It’s hard for me to see the dresser if you have clothes and clutter on top of it!