Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed Cheat Sheet

One of the most popular Mother’s Day events is serving Mom breakfast in bed.

Here are three tips to make your breakfast as unique and special as the woman you are honoring.

Have the family present breakfast on a platter or breakfast tray and choose dishes that she will love to use throughout the year. You can make these part of the gift and the pieces will serve as a reminder of her fabulous day.

I’ve chosen some fabulous platters, trays, mugs, glasses and plates on Pinterest for inspiration.

Serve her favorite breakfast items. This one seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at the number of moms that get served their family’s favorite, not theirs. If she loves chocolate croissants Trader Joe’s has ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ones that are so simple to make and did I say they are fabulous?!

Plus it’s okay to choose a couple of indulgent items, it’s a holiday!

Allow her time to enjoy breakfast without interruption. Even better, let her choose when she will get up and enjoy the rest of the day.

Now For Your Cheat Sheet, Here’s Your Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed Checklist:

  • Serving tray or platter
  • Mug for coffee/tea
  • Glass for juice/water
  • Plate/fork/knife
  • Cloth napkin
  • Single stem flower (roses and lilies work well)
  • Shopping list for breakfast (don’t forget condiments). Here are some breakfast menu ideas.


Create A Card For Your Girlfriends

We all like getting an unexpected gift, so when I saw this free friendship card on the American Greetings site I got excited.

You can customize the text and picture to your relationship and personalities. Here I used a picture of my girls and me from Blogalicious 2011.

On the left is Socamom and TOY!!! is on the right.

We’ve been hanging since our college years, :-).

Oh yeah, back to the card…

Once created you have the option to print it or post to Facebook.

It’s an easy and fun way to create your own “Just Because” card for your girlfriends.


Girlfriends Day In, Healthy Living Party

This month’s Girlfriends Day In was a Healthy Living Party and we had a blast! This was an interactive party that led to laughs, eating, good conversations, green/healthy living tips and oh yeah… laughs.

We started the party with a Pampered Chef Consultant walking us through a healthy pizza recipe and a CHOCOLATE fondue with only 80 calories per serving.

I guess by this point everyone knows chocolate is a must for my get-togethers, :-).

Then we made our own cleaning supplies using vinegar, baking soda, castile soap, water and essential oils.

This was A LOT of fun! It also reminded me of why I was usually an observer, not doer, during science lab in high school.

Note to anyone trying this – add the water last, LOL!

We talked about recipes for disinfectant sprays, all-purpose cleaners and more. Plus, I made a cheat sheet for everyone to take with them to try other combinations, too.

With the healthy eating and cleaning covered, we moved on to sample Soul Purpose body products. These use all-natural ingredients and they smell AMAZING! I think I am hooked on the pomegranate mango scent.

We also talked about some of our other favorite products, from Yum Yum Candle (I swear by their candles!) to Seventh Generation and more.

If you’re looking for a fun, interactive day in with your girls, this is a great one. The laid-back atmosphere and fun activities ensured everyone had a fabulous time and was inspired to try something new.

Chocolate Honey… Need I Say More?!


Certain places you hold dear because of what happened there (proposals, met someone special, etc.). For me, The Atherton Market in Charlotte is where I first experienced Cloister Honey’s CHOCOLATE whipped honey.

I was there to buy locally-harvested honey, but never did I imagine I would find some with chocolate!

Now it is a breakfast staple for my waffles and toast.

It is also proof that chocolate can make something great even better, :-).


Cocoa Drizzled Kettle Corn And Yes, It’s That Good!

Welcome to the reinstatement of Chocolate Fridays!

First up is this Cocoa Drizzled Kettle Corn from Trader Joe’s. This bag of addictive… ahem… I mean fabulous popcorn is a great mix of sweet and salty. And by great mix I mean you will be licking your fingers the whole time you are eating it.

Like many of my Trader Joe’s purchases I was standing in the checkout line and heard it whispering to me. YES, chocolate whispers to me.

Anyway, I was on my way to a Holiday Girls Night In party and I thought it would be a nice addition to the snack table. I did not realize this would lead to me stockpiling it in the pantry, but I digress.

If you like sweet and salty, and especially chocolate, you should try this. And when you’re hiding it because you don’t want to share, don’t blame me. I’m simply sharing one of my newest finds, :-).

I also suggest you hurry to your local Trader Joe’s. This is a seasonal treat and some of them have already sold out.

ReCharge Snack Mixes, New Addition To 3 O’Clock Rotation

healthychocolatesnackExpecting me to avoid the snack machine at 3 o’clock is like asking me to walk past the chocolate chip cookies and not touch. Yeah, the likelihood of that happening is VERY slim.

Well, it was until I tried ReCharge® snack mixes.

I was offered the opportunity to review these snack mixes and I figured why not. If there’s a healthy option for my mid-afternoon “pick me up,” I consider that a winning choice. Especially if it tastes good.

The samples came in three varieties, Super Charged Cranberry Blend, Dark Chocolate Energy Boost and my surprising favorite, Chia ReCharge Stix Mix.

I say surprisingly because I am a confessed chocoholic. Looking at the packages I just knew the dark chocolate was going to be my favorite, and I did enjoy it. In fact I enjoyed it A LOT!

But the Chia Recharge Stix Mix?! Oh yeah, that one is fabulous! It is the perfect mix of salty and sweet (think chia sticks with cranberries, almonds, yogurt-covered raisins, dark chocolate chunks, pineapple and white chocolate drops!). And because all of the Recharge mixes are naturally enhanced I got a nice boost of energy from it.

The cranberry mix is also good and I was in heaven on Sunday afternoon when I mixed it in with my popcorn for TV-watching, :-).

Not only do the mixes taste good, they’re good for you. ReCharge ingredients are enhanced with probiotics, Omega-3, pomegranate seed oil and Chia seeds. They contain antioxidants and much of the recommended daily value of vitamin B6. They’re low sodium and contain zero grams of trans fat and cholesterol. You can find them in bulk bins at Ingles and Healthy Home Market locations and get more information on the ReCharge website.


Happy Snacking!



DISCLAIMER: I have received a free sample of Recharge® from Tropical Foods to review. But, more importantly, I have pledged to give my honest opinion.  All opinions are mine, because I value your trust and I WILL NOT publish anything that I don’t believe.

FABULOUS Vegan Cupcakes!

VeganChocolateCupcakesCharlotteNCSweets are a big deal in my house, so when Hubby decided to dabble in a vegan diet I was worried about finding a delicious birthday cake that would meet our standards.

I needed something that would work for him AND for the rest of the family.

The answer was vegan cupcakes from Pink Chocolate Cupcakes, based here in Charlotte. I ordered the vanilla bean flavor with chocolate icing (he loves chocolate, too!) and prayed I could stomach them.

These cupcakes are AMAZING!

They are moist, flavorful and just good! If I hadn’t purchased them I would not have known they were vegan.

Trust me, they can rival any traditional cupcake recipe and are actually BETTER than many I have bought before.

You can find out more about Pink Chocolate Cupcakes, place an order or find out where to buy them on pinkchocolatecupcakes.com.

As for me, I’m going to pick some more up this week, :-).

Jewelry Exchange Party – Girls Night In

There is something about the shiny & sparkly section of stores that makes me adventurous. I imagine wearing jewelry that is huge and gaudy with my somewhat conservative wardrobe. I envision me walking into a club rocking something HOT… but totally not my style.

This is where the jewelry exchange party came into play. After months (and sometimes years) of passing really nice pieces in my jewelry drawers it was obvious that I was never going to wear them. However, one of my friends might love it.

So I invited some girlfriends over, asked them to bring some pieces they no longer wanted and we had a great time laughing, eating and shopping for free.

jewelryexchangepartyplansA jewelry exchange party can be as elaborate or as simple as you want.

Here’s my list of basics:

  • Invite a nice mix of friends with varying tastes. This will add interest to the pieces offered.
  • Set a table for your guests to display their jewelry.
  • Make sure there is a mirror nearby so that guests can see the pieces they are trying.
  • Provide a light meal or snacks. I went with finger foods and cupcakes.
  • Leftover pieces can be donated to Goodwill or held until the next girlfriend party.
  • Choose nice background music (my girlfriends are a fan of old school hip hop and R&B), a good girly movie and/or fashion magazines for additional entertainment.
  • Relax and have fun!