My struggle, that one area in life that has caused me much debate, is my career. Not that I don’t like what I do (I actually love it!), but I am most passionate about writing. I love everything about words and the power they have to instruct, inform and entertain, often simultaneously. I find it amazing that something written hundreds or thousands of years ago can be relevant today.

However, I have fought being a “writer” because I didn’t want something that I am so passionate about to turn into something I loathe. And instead of dealing with it directly, I created another distraction, my career.

On the outside it looked like a legitimate concern. I have over-obsessed about job choices and benchmarking whether or not I’m on track. I have been depressed because I made decisions that didn’t turn out as I would have expected. I could go on, but you get the point.

Only within the last couple of years, once I realized it was just a distraction, have I been truly happy with both career and writing (after all, I get to write at work!). I have been able to move out of my own way and let things flow as they should. I have stopped the self-sabotaging behaviors and have embraced letting the two live together. This is much better than trying to suppress one at the expense of the other.

If you have one thing that is a reoccurring issue in your life (relationships, work, weight loss, family) I encourage you to pick up a copy of O’s October issue. There is a great article on page 59 about distractions, or as they call it, designated issues.